Kidz Got Talent brings performing arts into your school curriculum

Our school principal, Nicole, is passionate about bringing the arts to children of ALL abilities.

Raising her own daughter, who has Asperger’s and Tourette’s Syndrome, brought challenges. She saw how much her daughter wanted to perform yet found it hard to keep up and process everything with the fast pace of regular performing arts classes. Nicole needed a class and teacher that would understand her and teach outside the box! So she started her own theatre school with KIDZ GOT TALENT and created classes with the right environment to nurture the needs of these amazing children who are able to enjoy dance, singing and drama.

Nicole currently teaches dance at Manor Mead School in Shepperton within their school curriculum to many different children with different needs and has achieved such a great response from all the children.

if you would like Nicole to teach in your school, please contact us and book an appointment for her to come to your school to talk through options and the needs of the children.

"Nicole has delivered dance sessions once a week at Manor Mead School for children with severe learning difficulties. She has built lovely relationships with the children, who all participate in her sessions with enthusiasm. Nicole works very hard to make sure that what she is offering our diverse group of children is appropriate. She seeks advice from the staff and adapts her workshops accordingly so that all can participate whatever their disability . I would highly recommend Nicole, it is a pleasure to work with her. "

Tracey Penman
Head of Primary
Manor Mead School, Shepperton.

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